Date: 9/25/23

Location: Elk Pointe Golf Course Clubhouse

Time: 6:00 PM


  • Board President Cindy McCain opened the meeting by introducing the current board members. Current Board members are Cindy McCain, David McCain, Erik Northern, Robin Routh, and Matt Pait.
  • Cindy McCain thanked Erika Dixon and Elk Run Golf Course for hosting the meeting.
  • Cindy McCain notified homeowners present that she, David McCain, and Robin Ruth would be resigning from the board. Cindy then opened the floor for any volunteers to be on the board.
    • The HOA Board is open to any homeowners in Elk Pointe. If you would like to volunteer to be on the board please contact a board member or email
    • Cindy discussed board member responsibilities which include, meeting quarterly, making sure all dues are paid and contacting homeowners who haven’t paid, contacting and scheduling with utilities and contractors for work on entrances and throughout the neighborhood, maintaining accurate financial records and communicating with the accounting firm, communicating with real estate agents and title companies, communicating with city hall, and communicating with homeowners with questions and concerns.
  • Budget Review:
    • Operating Revenue: $11,325 (151 homes/lots x $75.00)
      • As of 9/14/23 – 10 homeowners still owe 2023 dues = $750 outstanding)
      • 8 of these 10 homeowners owe more than just 2023 dues
    • Current Bank Statement Balance: $1,324.29 (as of 9/24/23)
    • 2022 Expenses – $11,986.01
      • Repairs and Maintenance (Irrigation, Landscaping, Lighting): $8,833.26
      • Utilities: $1,191.18
      • Bank Charges: $72
      • Property Taxes: $33
      • Accounting Fees: $1,521.57
      • Website: $335
    • Cindy McCain mentioned past big expenses – repairing the Front Entrance Walls – $6,500, changing over from gas to electric for lighting
  • Covenant Review:
    • Copy of restrictive covenants can be found at
    • Discussion of issues:
      • Outstanding Dues
      • HOA Dues Payment Options
        • Cindy shared that homeowners can pay via money order, cashier’s check, personal check, cash, and bill pay
      • No Parking on Streets
        • This is a safety hazard
      • Maintaining yards/homes/fences
      • Garbage Cans / Recycle Bins / Yard Waste
      • Dog Walkers – Cleaning up after dog
      • Sheds
        • Sheds are not allowed
      • Amending Restrictive Covenants
        • Cindy shared that using the same attorney who originally drew up the covenants would cost approximately $3,000. Any change in covenants would need to be done through a real estate attorney and filed with the city.
  • Homeowner Questions
    • Does the board meet on a regular basis?
      • Yes, usually once per quarter unless something comes up that requires a meeting before then.
    • Is there a way to remove the median?
      • Any change would require a quorum and 60% vote by homeowners.
    • Where is the website?
    • Concern about cars passing the school bus in the neighborhood.
      • Encouraged to call Police and GCCS to let them know so they are aware and can patrol.
    • When will the streets be paved?
      • Streets are paved by the city and on a rotation. Questions about particular streets should be directed to the street department of the city of Jeff.
    • Will the minutes be communicated by the board?
      • Minutes will be posted on the official website, in the newsletter, and on the unofficial Facebook page.
    • When will dumpsters be back?
      • The city schedules the dumpsters and does not let us know. They usually post the neighborhood they will be dropping them off at on the city website.
  • When are the yard sales and can they be communicated about ahead of time.
    • The board decided years ago to have the yard sales the Saturday after Memorial Day and the Saturday after Labor Day.
  • How do new homeowners know about covenants and HOA dues?
    • The title company reaches out to the HOA and are given the covenants and the HOA dues amount. Usually a board member will visit new homeowners to introduce themselves and answer any questions.
  • Can you put bright stickers on the HOA dues letters?
    • The accounting company has bright colored stickers and should be putting them on the invoices they send out for the dues in January.
  • Is the board open to moving the Annual meeting to another location?
    • Yes. This was the first time using the new Elk Run clubhouse. One homeowner brought up the possibility of using their venue in downtown Jeff, Nickel Events Venue.
  • Cindy invited future board members to volunteer once again. 
    • No new board members volunteered at the meeting
  • Complaints about code enforcement and city issues should be made to the code enforcement department of the city at 812-285-6407.
  • Discussion about raising HOA dues
    • Must have quorums and would require a 60% vote in favor.
    • Homeowners in attendance voiced their support to raise dues to fund the operating budget as expenses continue to rise with inflation.
  • Meeting adjourned

The HOA board needs members. Any homeowner in Elk Pointe is welcome. If you would like to volunteer to be on the board please contact a board member or email

Board Members present at the meeting:

Cindy McCain, President (resigning), 812-282-0731

David McCain (resigning), 812-282-0731

Robin Routh (resigning), 502-593-0361

Erik Northern, 502-724-0963

Matt Pait, 502-741-2657